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The Faculty of Dental Medicine has a didactic and scientific mission in the field of training students and consists of promoting a formative, modern education centered on learning, adapted to the requirements of the European Union regarding dental medicine; it is pragmatically oriented towards the real needs of society today and the present priorities in education.

Dental medicine has the following objectives:

  • Initial training of students in order to acquire the necessary competences to work as a dentist
  • Continuous training of students by means of regular training/professional development programs in the form of Masters study programs
  • Scientific research, in theory and in practice, in the field of medical sciences, in accordance with the needs for professional development in education and with the future development trends in medical education on national and European level

The Faculty of Dental Medicine within Dimitrie Cantemir University of Targu Mures was founded in 2017. The study program was authorized by Government Decision no 615/2017 and it aims to train professionals in this field.

The idea of founding the Faculty of Dental Medicine relies on the old cultural and scientific traditions of our town as well as on the existence of the Dimitrie Cantemir Dental School ever since 1992, which has subsequently been authorized to train nurses and pharmacy medical assistants.

The Faculty provides great material resources from laboratories and practice areas for a complete study cycle to valuable teaching stuff. The next step in terms of investment is to build a Dentistry Clinic within the Dimitrie Cantemir Campus.


License area: health

Specializations: dental medicine

Length of study: 6 years, full-time

Academic title: dentist