Message from the Rector

The principles that are meant to guide our educational trail are:


  • With reference to the students: God does not choose the perfect ones, but He perfects the chosen ones. In other words, the native seeds of each student, including the seeds of knowledge, morality and religion, become his belongings only through education, this being the activity that stimulates these seeds. The desideratum of the whole endeavor is to increase the degree of order and rationality in the social life, to cultivate the spiritual values, all these with the purpose of achieving an elevated status of the human condition.


  • With reference to us, the professors: alongside the Psycho-Pedagogical talent and Research Performance (both functioning as one), we feel that passion is the primordial attitude that must characterize the professional life. Having the privilege of caring for the human being, shaping the human character is desired to be our continuous concern (it is God’s Expectation of us).


  • With reference to our colleagues from other academic centers: the notion of competitiveness in our area of practice cannot be expressed as a competition to acquire a hypothetical market segment, it represents the assertion, the valorisation, the implementation of the experiences and the distinctive features of each individual.


  • With reference to all of us: we believe that every human being is not just the person he is today, but also the person who can be tomorrow, and we’re called to legitimize our existence through the struggle and the desire to leave behind light and always enlightening the others.