Hall of Residence

The “Dimitrie Cantemir” hall of residence began its activity with the beginning of the academic year, 2002/2003,  as an answer to the increasingly stringent necessity to offer to the students of our institution, a home that meets the attributes of utility, ergonomics and economy – in the conditions in which more students come from neighboring towns and counties.

The student hall of residence has 63 rooms, disposed on 5 levels – each room each hosting three students (capacity: 184 persons) and having its own sanitary group(toilet, shower, sink).

Besides practical furniture, the students have the best microclimate conditions, as well as an independent central heating.

The heating system, allows  the adjustment of the temperature in each room. This system, along with the metering of gas, water and electricity consumption, allows the student autonomy and precise control of utility consumption, each room having its own metering device.

All student rooms have cable TV   and permanent Internet connection.

Any student of “Dimitrie Cantemir” University has the right to obtain accommodation in the DCU hall of residence.

The method of obtaining a place in the hall of residence consists in making a simple nominal demand that will be submitted to the the Administrative Bureau of the Hall by the student.

The accommodation is done in the chronological order of the requests until all the places are filled. The approval of the application is also accompanied by the exact distribution of the student and is based on a contract made with the student.

The application is approved according to the existence of free places, conduct and the student’s school situation.

The student who has obtained a place in the DCU hall of residence, has the duty to respect the “Residential Rules” and to pay the accommodation fee.

The accommodation fee is 200 RON / month, plus one-third of the room maintenance costs (electricity, water, gas).

The accommodation contract is renewed annually.