Tîrgu Mureș

Tîrgu Mureş is located in the north-central part of Transylvania, in the Mureș River valley, at 46 ° 32 ‘north latitude and 24 ° 52’ east longitude, at an average elevation: 320 m above sea level . The city covers an area of 49.3 square kilometres.

The first known recorded documentation of the city dates to 1332.

Because of its remarkable geographic location, Tîrgu Mureş is regarded as “a quiet city”, often given as an example in terms of interethnic tolerance.

Our city is the seat of Mureș County and has a population of about 150.000:53.2% Romanians, 39.3% Hungarians, 6.9% Gypsies and 0.3% Germans.

Currently, it is the greatest city in Romanian for economic growth.

The cultural interference between Romanians, Germans, Hungarians and Szeklers,  has developed the best qualified and disciplined workforce in Romania.

Some of Tîrgu Mureş tourist attractions:

Tîrgu Mureș Fortress

Located near City Center, the Medieval Fortress dates back to 1492 and is a fortification with 7 bastions connected to each other by walls.

Plateau Cornești

Situated in the highest elevation in the city (488 m), the Plateau displays a beautiful panorama over Tîrgu Mureș and over the Mures valley, offering to nature lovers mini- hiking trails. The main attraction of the plateau is the Zoo, the second largest zoo in the country.

The Palace of Culture

A truly impressive building, put into use in 1913, house of the history and art museums, the Philharmonic orchestra, and the County Library. It is renowned by the famous Hall of Mirrors (Venetian) and the impressive 45-meter-long interior hallway, made of Carrara marble.

Sighișoara and the Medieval Fortress

Located 40 minutes away from Tîrgu Mureș, Sighișoara called the ‘museum town’, shelters the only inhabited medieval citadel in Europe.


God’s Chair, located in the Călimani Mountains, at a height of 1308 m; the Francun Peak (1684 m height) and Saca Mare Peak (1777 m height) in the Gurghiu Mountains, the Bucin Pass at 1287 m height, Tușnad Spa and Sfânta Ana volcanic Lake, Bicaz Gorges and the natural lake Lacul Roșu, Sovata Spa, Sangeorgiu Spa and natural reservations in the neighbouring districts, Dracula’s Castle.

Getting around Tîrgu Mureș:

-by plane: Tîrgu Mureş-Bucharest; Tîrgu Mureș-Timișoara; Tîrgu Mureș-Budapest;

by car/bus:Route E60 – Oradea, Cluj-Napoca, Tîrgu Mureș, Sighișoara, Brașov, Bucharest, Constanța; DN 15 rood – Tîrgu Mureş, Reghin, Toplița, Borsec, Piatra Neamţ, Bacău.

-by train : Line 405 – Warriors-Tîrgu-Mureș-Deda with train connections from Războieni to Oradea, Cluj-Napoca, Braşov, Bucharest; From Deda to Satu Mare, Baia Mare, Braşov, Ploieşti, Bucharest.