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Announcements 03-10-2022
Miercuri, 05 octombrie 2022

Cu ocazia Zilei Mondiale a Educației, nu se vor desfășura activități didactice în campusul „Cantemir”

Announcements 27-09-2022
Rezultatele obținute la examenul de admitere – Facultatea de medicină


Announcements 26-09-2022
Rezultatele obținute la examenul de admitere PCTI

The story of a student

“I like the way I am treated and approached here, with a lot of respect.
For me as a future lawyer, it is very important to have information and to be respected and all this I found in this faculty.”

— Deak Andrea, 1st year student —



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“Dimitrie Cantemir” University of Târgu-Mureș is institutionally accredited by the Romanian Parliament and periodically evaluated by AHPGS, a German evaluator of the quality of higher education.

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