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Starting with the academic year 2009-2010, within the “Dimitrie Cantemir” University of Târgu-Mureş, the Department for Teacher Training – D.P.P.D. The quality of institution providing initial and continuous training programs for teaching staff, was granted to the University “Dimitrie Cantemir” by the Ministry of Education by Order no. 30127 of January 14th, 2010.


The Teaching Staff Training Department has assumed, since its establishment, a didactic and scientific research mission in the field of teacher training, by promoting a modern, student-centered educational training, adapted to the European requirements regarding psycho-pedagogical training programs and pragmatically oriented towards the real needs of society and the current priorities of education.

Since its establishment, the Teaching Staff Training Department has followed its mission, providing psycho-pedagogical training programs for those interested in embracing the teaching career.

Hundreds of students from all over the country, but also other European Union countries, who complete one or both psycho-pedagogical training programs each academic year, illustrate the appreciation that the Teaching Staff Training Department enjoys and the solid reputation it has achieved to build all these years. They also represent the guarantee of the experience that the “teachers of teachers” within the D.P.P.D. have in the training of future teachers.

By implementing these training programs, accredited by the Ministry of Education, “Dimitrie Cantemir” University of Târgu-Mureş reaffirms its mission as an institution that responsibly assumes the important role it plays in ensuring the quality of education, in this difficult period that crosses Romanian education.

Level I

Level I (initially), grants university graduates the right to occupy teaching positions in pre-preschool, pre-school, and general compulsory education provided that they accumulate a minimum of 30 transferable credits from the psycho-pedagogical training program.

Level II

Level II (in-depth) grants university graduates the right to hold teaching positions at all levels of pre-university education, with the cumulative satisfaction of two conditions:


  1. the accumulation of a minimum of 60 transferable credits from the psycho-pedagogical training program obtained by cumulating the 30 credits from level I with the 30 credits from level II;
  2. graduation from one of the following categories of studies:
    -master university studies;
    -long-term university studies;
    – postgraduate program lasting at least a year and a half or which ensures the accumulation of at least 90 credits;
    -professional conversion program for acquiring a new specialization, completed after graduating from master’s degree studies or long-term university studies.
Period of studies

Level I and II psycho-pedagogical training programs last one semester/level, for one year.


Prof. univ. dr. Elena-Adriana Tomuleţiu


The teaching staff of the D.P.P.D. consists of specialists in pedagogy, psychology, special pedagogy, sociology, information, and communication technology.

The holders of the Specialization didactics have one of the specialties in the field of student training, also having pedagogical competencies conferred by the graduation of the pedagogical mode and by the participation in continuous training programs in the field of education sciences.

All the holders of disciplines have the scientific title of doctor or are doctoral students in the field of disciplines in the position held.

Mentors pedagogical practice

The pedagogical practice is guided by teachers of the D.P.P.D. in partnership with teachers from the educational units with which the Department has concluded internship contracts, teachers appointed by the Management of the respective schools according to the specialized fields of the D.P.P.D. and which offers authentic models for exercising the teaching profession in terms of pedagogy, science, teaching, and ethics.

The Level I pedagogical practice is carried out under the guidance of the mentors from the Omega Secondary School from Târgu Mureş and from the Vocational High School of Arts from Târgu Mureş.

Level II pedagogical practice is carried out under the guidance of mentors from the Transylvania Economic College in Târgu Mureş and at the Vocational High School of Arts in Târgu Mureş


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