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Facultatea de Geografie

In an interdependent world, we depend on an increasingly fragile physical environment, whose complex interactions require sophisticated analysis and delicate management. These aspects present intellectual and practical challenges of prime importance and are among the central problems of modern geography.


The objective of the 11 tenured teachers, PhDs in Geography, History, Economics, is to offer dynamic and practical courses, in order to train specialists with higher training in tourism, in accordance with market requirements and recent changes in the socio-economic environment.

Our specializations prepare students for employment opportunities in both the public and private sectors, in: analysis, evaluation and management of tourist resources, hydrology, meteorology, mapping, regional analysis, space organization, environment, spatial analysis, economics and geodemography, etc., as well as for postgraduate studies in the field of Geography.


Although it is a young faculty in the Romanian landscape, the Faculty of Geography already has a national recognition, having a sustained activity in all directions of research and education.

In recent years, with the increase in the number of students, the importance of this faculty within the university has also increased. As a result of major changes in higher education in Romania, the department has applied a new policy in implementing new teaching methods and has focused on specialized practice.

Special attention was also paid to the improvement of the didactic and technical base, in order to carry out a performance education and research.

The students’ activity is also continued within some student organizations, which offer complementarity to the didactic process (tourism circle). Thus, this section offers the possibility to know the natural and anthropic tourist resources in Romania, the important tourist objectives discovered by the students being: Danube Delta, Prahova Valley, Carpathian Mountains, Maramureş area, Moldavian monasteries.

In order to facilitate the acquisition of practical knowledge, over time the faculty has been endowed with some specific equipment such as: laboratories of physical geography, cartography, remote sensing and GIS, cabinets of human geography and geography of tourism, experimental weather station.

The multidisciplinary approach of geographical processes and phenomena (geographical, social and economic) offers a complex perspective on the field of study.

Programs of the Faculty of Geography:

BACHELOR LEVEL – Period of studies: 3 years, daytime courses.

  • Specialization: Geography of Tourism

MASTER LEVEL – Period of studies: 2 years, daytime courses.

  • Specialization: Tourism Resources and Environmental Protection 

The structure of the academic year

– Studying the foothills in the north of the Şureanu-Cindrel mountains (Carpathian Mountains). Alluvial deposit resources;

– The evolution of the united Romanian Church (Greek-Catholic) from the Mureş-Târnave area during the communist regime;

– Local history and its potential in tourism activities;

– The stage of the population and settlements in the Northern Compartment of the Transylvanian Plain;

– Evaluation of the tourist potential of anthropic resources in the Transylvanian depression;

– Evaluation of the tourist potential of the natural and anthropic resources in the Călimani Mountains;

– Water resources in the Târnavelor Basin and their capitalization in the perspective of sustainable development;

– Methods for regulating natural water circuits.

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