Strategies, Programs and Projects Department

· Collaborates with the university senate for the performance of the development strategy and implementation plans, in accordance with national and regional strategies, in collaboration with all other departments;

· Provides technical assistance and coaching to the persons responsible for the creation of operational plans;

· Develops projects in partnership with NGOs/public institutions, etc. on the assessment of existing needs;

· Carries out activities related to the implementation of projects;

· Develops the procedures for monitoring, evaluation and control of the projects they implement;

· Centralizes and keeps track of all projects managed;

· Participates in the organization of seminars, symposia, in order to promote;

· Performs any other duties established by law or conferred by the management of the institution, in compliance with the legal provisions in force;

· Identifies and collaborates with non-governmental organizations, with other legal entities for the drafting and implementation of projects in its field of activity;

· Erasmus + projects, KA2-Strategic partnerships

·  Counseiling people with disabilities and promotes gender equality



 Director: Assoc. Prof. Phd. Sorina-Mihaela Bălan


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“Dimitrie Cantemir” University of Târgu-Mureș is institutionally accredited by the Romanian Parliament and periodically evaluated by AHPGS, a German evaluator of the quality of higher education.

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