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The Department of Vocational Training and Postgraduate Studies

Education is not so much art as science.” (Simion Mehedinți)


The Department of Vocational Training and Postgraduate Studies, responds to the market requirements, regarding the continuous professional training, offering:



Postgraduate training courses
and continuous professional development


The postgraduate training and continuous professional development programs represent the educational offer for updating / developing new occupational / professional skills.

Postgraduate programs organized by accredited higher education institutions are carried out on the basis of its own organization and development regulations approved by the university senate.

Graduates who have at least a university degree with a bachelor’s degree or equivalent have the right to participate in postgraduate training and continuing professional development programs.

Continuing vocational training courses,
authorized by the A.N.C.


It is organized according to Ordinance no. 129/2000, republished, regarding the professional training of adults, through initiation, qualification, requalification, improvement, specialization programs, recognized both nationally and in countries that have acceded to the Hague Convention.


Professional conversion programs


The professional conversion programs are carried out on the basis of its own organization and functioning regulation approved by the university senate, in compliance with the regulations in force.

The professional conversion programs have as finality the acquisition by the teachers from the pre-university education of new competences for new specializations and / or the occupation of new didactic positions, other than those occupied based on the initial training.

Professional and personal development workshops


It is organized with themes in various fields of activity of interest or at the request of companies, public institutions, for the professional and personal development of employees.




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