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„The present volume was born from the desire to find possible answers to that question that
was and is obsessive for humanity, what is knowledge and what are its challenges? difficult to
answer. The more we insist on this concept, the more divergent opinions are where,
epistemology as a theory of knowledge, insists on the innumerable types of knowledge that we
attribute to ourselves, descriptive, declarative or propositional knowledge (which requires a
greater degree of intellectual sophistication on the part of the seeker of knowledge) knowledge
of knowledge or skill.”

       The advantages and disadvantages of online legal education


What are the advantages and disadvantages of online legal education? What new realities do students and teachers have to face in these times of pandemic? A research team from the Faculty of Law challenges us, giving us some answers in the study published in Universul Juridic Magazine ( and that can be read here.

Academica Science Journal (ASJ)


The Academica Science Journal (ASJ) is the journal of the “Dimitrie Cantemir” University of Târgu-Mureș, through its series covering many academic disciplines, in fields such as: law, economics, geography, tourism, psychology and medicine. ASJ operated from 2012-2016, serving scientific and educational communities around the world. Most of the papers published by the ASJ have been indexed in international databases.

The journal’s archive, with the works in extenso, can be found in electronic format at the university library.

The ASJ included six series, as follows:


Volume conferințe