The Message of the Founder

“Dimitrie Cantemir”University was founded with feeling and conviction that Romania and its people, can and deserve to live up to the level of life and civilization of the most well developed countries in the world.

Romania is bestowed by God with wealth and beauty to a greater extent than many other countries with high standard of living, and its people, born Christian, are intelligent, inventive, hospitable and tolerant. All these qualities are valued only to a limited extent, and this adversely affects the foreign relations of Romania.

By spreading the culture, the science and art, and by specialising students in various fields of activity, the purpose of this university is to help people expand their level of culture and acknowledge their national values.

We wish this university to gather the spiritual and material contribution of the Romanians from around the globe, in order to promotetheir national values worldwide. To the same extent,with the help of the other ethnic groups in Romania, we want to present the Romanian culture, the partnerships and mutual respect that we have with their country of origin.

The university is concerned and acts in this regard, to promote long-term partnerships with different organizations, educational institutions,Romanian and foreign foundations, for learning experiences relating to curricular contents, to pedagogical systems of theoretical and practical education, information and experience exchange between students and teachers.

“Dimitrie Cantemir” University, Tîrgu Mureș, will do everything that can be done, and through perseverance, honesty and  the belief that in this way it faithfully served Romania, will become a center which brings together the spirituality and culturality of the area in which it operates.

Everything we aim to do and will be accomplished, it will be a tribute to the memory of the spiritual patron of the university, the great erudite Dimitrie Cantemir.

In these circumstances, we must not forget about the complexity of the educational system and its implicit aspects.

The job of a teacher cannot be summarized as the transmissionof teacher subject knowledge, his duty in relation to students involved in the educational process, consists of preparing them for the real LIFE by sharing his experiences and conclusions, but also his doubts and disappointments.

A teacher is the THE PERSON WHO EDUCATES! He is fully aware of the fact that his learners will step into socio-professional life, armed with the arsenal of knowledge taught by him, the professor is responsible for this arsenal – called curriculum.


Professionalism is inextricably linked to social and the purpose of an educational institution is the socio-professional integration. Today, the majority of the world’s’educational institutions, include in the curriculum they use, this component: personal and social development training.

For Romania, quite late unleashed from the containment of communism, the return, after 1989, to a full and effective method of teaching, encountered inherent difficulties, created, on the one hand, by the changes in the market economy-the sine qua non condition of economic progress-and on the other hand, due to the need to quickly adapt the educational offer to the request of the newlabor market in Romania.

These conditions established the base of private education in Romania.The private education institutions, quickly identified the labour market needs and started to promote an educational offer focused on the specific specializations of the market economy.

Since the revolution, “Dimitrie Cantemir”, added to its educational levels- faculties and post-secondary  education, notable track record, represented by the percentage of graduates entering the labor market, in the area for which”Dimitrie Cantemir” University prepared them.









Founding Professor Doctor Lecturer ZAIRA MURGU