DCU – History

“DIMITRIE CANTEMIR” UNIVERSITY is accredited through the law no. 136/2005, published in The Official Gazette of Romania, no. 434/20.05.2005.


The University debuted in the Romanian Educational landscape in 1991, being the first private university in Transylvania and the second one in Romania.

Promoting high standard values, “Dimitrie Cantemir” University owns an important place in the Romanian educational and scientific field.

DCU has been concentrating its efforts to meet European needs, taking into account Romania’s formation and future development as a democratic country within the globalization process, offering a solid background for intellectual development and favourable contacts among students belonging to different ethnic groups.

The University encourages the highest aspirations, both among the academic staff and the students, by involving them in a process of cultural and intellectual search and research.

Being in a constant development, the university added to its first faculty – the Faculty of Law, new departments of studies, such as: the Faculty of Economic Sciences, having three fields: Finance and Banking, Tourism and Services Economy, and The Accountancy and Administration Informatics; the Faculty of Psychology and Educational Sciences, with two subfields: Psychology and Special Psychopedagogics; the Faculty of Geography, with the Tourism Geography department.

The educational, theoretical and applicative activities of the four faculties is carried out in the “Dimitrie Cantemir” Campus.

Our students have at their disposal high standard material resources, enabling an optimal education level, the practical side of the activity being performed in specialized institutions, such as: the Court of Justice, judge’s offices, banks, tourism agencies, museums, hospitals, educational institutions, etc.

One of the few private universities in Romania, having its own Campus, our University provides the students, besides a library with over 28.000 specific volumes, a reading room with 142 seats.

Our staff is represented by the 130 professors(teachers, lecturers, assistant professors and instructors) who have both personal pedagogic performances and well-defined ideas about what and how to transfer knowledge to their students.

Being authors or co-authors of more than 400 books and treatises, the 130 professors of the university, via the “Dimitrie Cantemir” Publishing House, provide the students with the necessary educational materials for all the four faculties.

Evidence of our University’s success is the fact that 90% of our students have passed their Bachelor Exams organized at famous Universities in Romania, but also the external efficiency of the institutions where most of the graduates are working.

Ever since its official accreditation, in 2005, Dimitrie Cantemir University organizes its own Bachelor Exams.