CERTIFIED by the Law no. 136/2005, published in the Official Gazette, no. 434/20.05.2005

Starting 2005 the „Dimitrie Cantemir” University, as a certified institution, organizes its own bachelor’s exams.


The university debuted in the Romanian educational field in 1991, being the first private university in Transylvania and the second in Romania.

Through the values ​​it promotes, the “Dimitrie Cantemir” University occupies a significant place in the Romanian educational-scientific field.

The University directs its efforts towards the line of the European context, aiming at the formation and development of a democratic Romania within the globalization process, offering a free space for intellectual development and creating a favorable framework for contact between students of different ethnicities.

The university encourages the highest aspirations, both among teachers and students, by challenging them in a continuous cultural search.


Knowing a continuous development, the University added to the first established faculty – the Faculty of Law, with the specialization Law, new lines of university development:

  • Faculty of Economics with two specializations: Finance-Banking and Economics of Commerce, Tourism and Services
  • Faculty of Psychology and Educational Sciences with specialization: Psychology
  • Faculty of Geography specializing in Tourism Geography.

     Starting 2017, by the G.D. no. 615/2017, the Faculty of Dentistry, and the Faculty of Balneo-physio-kinetotherapy and Medical Recovery were authorized within the “Dimitrie Cantemir” University of Târgu Mureș with the mission to train specialists in this field.

The instructive-educational, theoretical, and applicative-practical activity of these faculties takes place inside the “Dimitrie Cantemir” Campus.

At the students’ disposal there is a material study base – at the highest standards – allowing an optimal degree of theoretical education and practical training, the latter being carried out in specialized institutions our university has concluded collaboration protocols with: court, banks, travel agencies and units, museums, educational institutions, etc.

One of the few private universities with its own campus in Romania, our University offers students, in addition to the specialized library with 28,000 volumes – constantly expanding, a reading room with a capacity of 142 seats.

The teaching staff of the University is represented by the 130 well-defined teachers (professors, lecturers, readers, and assistants), both in terms of the knowledge they have to offer students and in terms of individual pedagogical performance.

Authors and co-authors of over 400 books and treatises, over 130 professors at the University make available to students, through the “Dimitrie Cantemir” Publishing House, textbooks, and curricular auxiliaries in most specialized disciplines of the four faculties.

The success of the University is defined, both by the fact that over 90% of the graduates of its faculties passed the bachelor’s exam at prestigious universities in Romania and by the external efficiency of the institution which reveals the percentage of graduates who are currently professionally registered in the profile the University trained them for.


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“Dimitrie Cantemir” University of Târgu-Mureș is institutionally accredited by the Romanian Parliament and periodically evaluated by AHPGS, a German evaluator of the quality of higher education.

If you want to have a degree in medicine, law, economics, psychology or tourism geography  we are waiting for you to join us!