Residential Rules

Residential Rules of the JUNIOR Hall of Residence


Chapter I – General Provisions

  1. The internal rules and regulations of the JUNIOR hall of residence for students, include the rules for the functioning of the hall, the specific provisions of a house for students and pupils, as well as their rights and obligations.
  2. The Residential Rules form a part of your Residential Agreement, the provisions of the regulations being an obligation of the agreement.
  3. Compliance with the regulations is mandatory for both the leadership of the hall , as well as for students staying in the hall.
  4. Inside the home is prohibited the creation and operation of any political formation, the conduct of political propaganda and religious proselytism, as well as any activities that violate the moral norms and endanger the physical and / or mental health of students;
  5. If the student staying in the hall of residence is under the age of 18, the agreement is signed by one of the parents or legal guardians.
  6. The Accomodation Tax must be paid on the 15th of each month.
  7. You must pay the utility consumption (water, heat and caloric energy) in maximum 5 days after the display.
  8. If the deadlines set out in points 6 and 7 are exceeded, penalties of 0.25% per day shall be applied until the full payment of the debit.
  9. If you do not to pay the Accomodation Tax until the 15th of the month the agreement will be canceled (starting with the first day of the following month) without any other action or formality and without the intervention of the court and the recovery of the debt.
  10. The students of the “Dimitrie Cantemir” University of Tîrgu Mureș have priority in their distribution to the JUNIOR hall of residence. Within the limits of available places, students from other educational institutions in Tîrgu Mureș may also be accommodated on the basis of the recommendation issued by the respective institution and provided that the accommodation agreement for a university year is concluded.
  11. The room keys are kept at the guard of the hall.
  12. The administration of the hall of residence does not offer a blanket / pillow and bed linen. All these must be brought by the students.


Chapter II–Tenants’ rights

Resident students have the right to receive the visit of foreigners who are not accommodated in the hall with the consent of their roommates. Visitors will specify the room and the person they are going to,  and their access will be allowed only after the legitimation and only if the person in question is in the room.

During the visit, the identity ID of the visitor remains at the guard who will register it in the visitor’s register.

Visitors have the obligation to leave the hall no later than 2200 hours, except for the parents or siblings of the visited student.

The material damage (damages) made by the visitors will be paid by the student who received the visitors.

The residents have the right to bring, for their own use or with their classmates, the following appliances: TV, radio, refrigerator and computer. In this case, the sharing of electricity consumption will be done equally.

The Residents have the right to use the cable television network under the conditions stipulated in the accommodation agreement.

The residents have the right to keep their place for the autumn session at the end of the second session of exams, provided they pay the accommodation fee corresponding to that period and the guarantee before leaving the home.

The students have the right to keep their place for the next academic year at the end of the university year, provided that prior to leaving the hall, they end the accommodation agreement and pay the accommodation fee corresponding to the first month (October) and the guarantee.

Housekeeping provides cleaning in each room twice a week, and common areas daily.


Chapter III – Tenants’obligations

To comply with the regulations of the accommodation agreement and the Residential Rules.

To use the objects in the room,  only to their constructive purpose and without damaging them.

To notify the hall administration of any abnormality or abnormal functioning of the facilities or objects in the room.

To keep clean the rooms and the common use areas.

To use  only standard electrical appliances without improvisations that could cause accidents.

To be silent in the hall of residence  and to have civilized relationships with roommates and other co-workers. The students must keep quiet between 15 – 17 and 22 – 06, and during the exams sessions and for the rest of the time.

The tenants have the obligation, with the help of the administration of the hall, to take the necessary steps for the registration in the real estate book.

To lock the door of the room and surrendered the key to the service guard.

When leaving the hall of residence (the end of the accomodation contract), the tenant must surrender to the administrator at the end of the accommodation agreement, the inventory for which he signed, the key of the room and the closet as well as the residence card of the hall of residence.

When leaving the hall (the end of the accomodation contract), the tenants are obliged to pay all their arrears of accommodation and utilities.

The tenants have an obligation and interest to use carefully all the utilities in the room:

  • To properly adjust the temperature, to turn off the lights and check whether the hot and cold water taps are closed;
  • To keep a weather eye on the sanitary installation to see if it is functioning correctly and if there are no hot or cold water losses;


Chapter IV – Prohibition Orders Information for tenants

It is totally forbidden to use or to sell hallucinogenic drugs within the hall of residence, the administrator of the hall having the right and the legal obligation to notify the competent police authorities when there are indications of such acts.

The consumption of alcoholic beverages is not permitted if this creates conflicting situations between the tenants or between them and the administrators or disturbs the peace and decency of living in the hall.

House parties are forbidden.

Smoking in the home is only allowed in places specially designed for this purpose. Smoking in rooms is allowed only with the consent of the co-owners and with the possibility of repairing any damage caused by this reason (burning of carpets, furniture, etc.).

In rooms it is forbidden to cook and store perishable food.

It is absolutely forbidden to throw objects out of the rooms’ windows, escalate the walls, bend over the window sill or talk to street passers.

It is absolutely forbidden to make copies of the room keys.

It is absolutely forbidden to the tenants any manifestations that damage the hall and, implicitly, the educational units that function in the “Dimitrie Cantemir” University of Tîrgu Mureș.


Chapter V – Final Provisions

In cases of indiscipline, the house guard will immediately notify by phone the administrator of the hall and, with his approval, the police.

In the case of non-observance of the provisions of the accommodation agreement and of this Regulation, according to art.16 of the accommodation agreement the administration of the hall is allowed to close the accommodation agreement.

Prior to the cancellation, the administration of the hall will submit to the head of the educational institution(the Faculty’s Dean) a copy of the statements regarding the case, including the administration’s report, expressing the explicit deviations from the provisions of the accommodation agreement or from the provisions of the Residential Rules,in order to receive a request within 5 days.

Also prior to the cancellation of the accommodation agreement, the hall’s administration will also announce the tenant’s family.

The closure of the accommodation agreement will be made only after the steps referred to in points 3 and 4 have been completed, starting with the next month (if the current month’s fee has been paid), without refund of any sum of money.

The student excluded from the hall of residence for non-compliance with the provisions of the accommodation agreement or those of the Residential Rules will not be allowed to leave or visit the Hall anymore.