The Faculty of Psychology and Educational Sciences

The mission of the Faculty of Psychology and Educational Sciences, with a degree programme in Psychology, is to train valuable specialists, in education and in various branches of industry and health, who know how to deal with the exigencies of the economic, social and legislative changes in our country.

Taking advantage of the constitutional framework created by the Romanian State’s obligation to respect the right to education and the equality of individuals to enjoy the values ​​created by civilization, the Faculty of Psychology and Educational Sciences of the “Dimitrie Cantemir” University seeks:

  • to achieve, from the psychological training perspective, a strong academic gathering center;
  • Equality, for each student, to have access, during his training, to the academic base of the University;
  • a demand response for psychology workforce.

The Faculty of Psychology and Educational Sciences developed continuously due to the teaching staff, active promotion on the education market, and the success of our graduates in the local and regional labor market, becoming a prestigious university in the eastern region of Transylvania.

The Faculty of Psychology and Educational Sciences includes an accredited degree programme in Psychology, as well as three masters programmes established under the Education Law no. 84/1995, modified by Law no. 2/2008: Quality Human resource management, Clinical Psychology and Intervention Techniques through Counseling and Psychotherapy, Quality Assurance in Education.



The curriculum and the analytical programs related to this degree programme provide a fundamental training in this area of ​​great interest.

These provide a basic training in Psychology, supplemented by a specialized training for higher qualification levels.

The main objectives of this programmeare:

  • the training of specialists whose competencies are appropriate for the educational activity, clinical or industrial, in order to evaluate and prepare the psychological intervention plan;
  • providing the theoretical and practical knowledge that will allow the participation in solving complex problems that require interdisciplinary investigations;
  • to find out how the psychic mechanism works, how to understand the human behavior in different social situations, as well as to identify diagnostic, the intervention programs and the ways to ameliorate the situation;
  • developing the necessary skills and abilities in order to use the most appropriate methods, resources and techniques of investigation in the field of psychology;

Graduates will be able to deepen and refine their knowledge by following a master`s degree programme.



The educational process is carried out due to the National Education Law no. 1/2011 and  the “Dimitrie Cantemir” University Charter, the Internal Regulations, the Electoral managemet rules and regulations, the Student Activity Regulations and the Standard operating procedures from the Quality manual.

The courses are held in Romanian.

The Bachelor’s Degree programme in Psychology belongs to the field of undergraduate studies in “Psychology” in the main  field of “Psychology and Educational Sciences” and is in the first cycle degree: 180 credits, duration 3 years, full-time.

The BA study programme is addressed to the following target groups:

– high school graduates with baccalaureate diploma;

– Graduates with higher education degree, who aim to develop a successful career in the field of psychology;

– employees working in different areas who want a job specialization.

The educational process, after the first year of study, has the following main directions: educational psychology, work and organizational psychology, and clinical psychology.

To this purpose, the curriculum is structured on fundamental, specialized, and complementary disciplines. It also focuses on practical disciplines in order to train specialists to integrate as easily as possible into practical work.

Graduates of this programme will be able to work into various branches of social life and the national economy, mainly in the field of psychology, but also in the local and territorial administrative institutions.

The 3 Master`s Degree programmes take 2 years to complete.