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Dental Prophylaxis Assistance Program

Bachelor program


The „ Dental Prophylaxis Assistance” study program is provided by the „Dimitrie Cantemir” University from Târgu Mureș in the Faculty of Medicine.

The program was created as a result of the growing interest in recent years for dental prevention measures both in Romania and in Europe, which generates the need for specialized staff to meet these needs.

The study period is six semesters (three years) and admission requirements include a baccalaureate degree or its equivalent. To graduate from the program, it is necessary to obtain 180 credit points (CP), i.e., 30 CP per semester, according to the European Credit Transfer System (ECTS).

Upon graduation, students will receive a bachelor’s degree in “Dental Prophylaxis Assistance”, according to the National Education Law no. 1 of 2011, as well as a diploma supplement in Romanian and English.

License field



Dental Prophylaxis Assistance

Academic degree

Dental prophylaxis assistant

Length of studies

3 years, day courses


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“Dimitrie Cantemir” University of Târgu Mureş, institutionally evaluated on the quality of education by a foreign agency (AHPGS – Accreditation Agency in Health and Social Sciences / Akkreditierungs – Agentur im Bereich Gesundheit und Soziales din Germania) ↵, offers you the opportunity to step into the future, following one of the specializations provided by the 5 faculties within our institution.


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“Dimitrie Cantemir” University of Târgu-Mureș is institutionally accredited by the Romanian Parliament and periodically evaluated by AHPGS, a German evaluator of the quality of higher education.

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