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November 5, 2020 ↵

Proud of our students and graduates!

Congratulations Giulia for your evolution and results and thank you for the beautiful thoughts!


“My name is Giulia Najar and I am a former student of Dimitrie Cantemir University, a graduate of the Faculty of Psychology.

I would like to start by saying that my experience at Dimitrie Cantemir University was an important one for me.

When I started this college, I was a little confused and scared about the image of my future.

I still remember the first exam with Mrs. Dean Camelia Stanciu, when I was extremely nervous and she encouraged me and showed me that she trusts me. Or the first course of Mrs. Prof. Speranța Popescu, where I felt her passion for psychology and how enthusiastically I managed to learn from her.

Or Mrs. Prof. Anca Nemeș, who has always been with us and supported us in any dream we had. Or Miss Prof. Albert Luminița, who from the first seminar made everything seem so logical and so easy.

And let’s not forget Prof. Andrei Cotruș, who managed to bring us back to our senses when we needed it.

I have a special consideration both for my teachers and mentors and for the other teachers. I had a lot to learn from each and one of them, regardless of the experience, good or bad.

The Faculty of Psychology is not an easy faculty because, as a student, if you really want to learn and make a career in this specialization, you need a lot of devotion.

I am now a master’s student at IPU – International Psychoanalytic University Berlin

From the first week of classes I can say that the information received from my mentors was helpful to me, because from the first hours of the course they were already assimilated during the college years.

With the utmost sincerity, I don’t think I would have come to have such high expectations from myself if I didn’t have a team, not only of simple teachers, but of mentors and, in need, “adoptive parents”.

I don’t know what the future will bring, but my successes are shared with my teachers and my soul will always be filled with their emotional and mental support during the 3 years of college.”

Giulia Najar

Master’s student at IPU University – International Psychoanalytic University Berlin.



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