Filodiritto Proceedings

„The Opportunities of Multidisciplinary Knowledge”

(Târgu Mureș, Romania, 2022 november 21 ) – GY21

The present volume is intended to be a true puzzle of knowledge in which multidisciplinarity does nothing but create the puzzle as a synonym for scientific knowledge that assumes homogeneity and heterogeneity, in starting a scientific investigation, as a necessary condition, sine qua non, for the possibility of its growth, diversification, deepening.

What we consider the most important to highlight in this multidisciplinary incursion proposed in this volume is the fact that science and scientific knowledge is not quantity or progression as a linear process, but is complexity, diversity and quality, the quality of a diverse picture being made up of fragments, from scientific puzzles proposed by us, from intra- or extraparadigmatic conceptualizations and theoretical interpretations.

I will conclude this brief preface with the following considerations about knowledge: K. Popper show: “The idea is that whenever we propose a solution to a problem, we must do our best to overturn the solution found, rather than defend it. Few of us, unfortunately, practice this precept; but others, fortunately, will supply critical deficiencies if we fail.”

Scientific Vice-Rector,
Doina David

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