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Documents and accommodation conditions in Târgu Mureș


  • Candidate’s form
  • Learning agreements for studies
  • Copy of student ID card/passport
  • Healt insurance


  • Candidate’s form
  • Learning agreements for training
  • Copy of student ID card/passport
  • Healt insurance


  • Staff mobility agreement for teaching
  • Staff mobility agreement for training
  • Copy of staff  ID card/passport

Târgu Mureș is located 346 km away from Bucharest, 480 km from Belgrade, 515 km from Budapest, being positioned on the valley of the Mureș River. The city stretches from the Citadel Church, located in the center of the city and built in the fourteenth century, forming an area of 49.3 square kilometers.

The city is located in the center of the historical region of Transylvania and covers an area of 49.3 square kilometers.

It is located at the intersection of three geographical regions of Transylvania (Transylvanian Plain, Mureș Valley and Niraj Valley), 330 meters above sea level. The city stretches on both banks of the Mureș River, but the central area and most of the neighborhoods are on the left bank. Cornești Plateau is the highest point of the city (465m above sea level).

Târgu Mureș has a continental climate characterized by hot and dry summers and relatively cold winters. In winter, the temperature often drops below 0°C (32°F).


How to get to the UDC campus: Târgu Mureș International Airport is 15 km from the university campus. The taxi fare for the trip to campus is about EUR 10 and takes about 20 minutes.

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Erasmus students are accomodated in the university student’s hall of residence which is situated at 5 minutes’ walk distance from the university campus on PROGRESULUI street, No.2.
The modern rooms accomodate up to 3 students and cable TV and internet connection are provided.


In Târgu Mureș you can find many places for accommodation for suit everyone’s tastes and all pockets. Because the city is not so big and there are a lot of hotels in the city, you can find accommodation quite quickly.
Below is a brief presentation of the hotels in Târgu Mureș.

Plazza V Hotel: Piața Trandafirilor; no.: 46-47, (starting from EUR 59.00).

Located in the central area of ​​Târgu Mureș, about 3 km from the train station, this hotel offers unique, colorful rooms with free access to the spa and fitness center. Free Wi-Fi is available on site.

The Plaza V’s restaurant serves many international dishes and guests can enjoy their favorite drinks at the bar, which is open from 08:00 until 02:00. The spa has a jacuzzi, sauna and steam room. Adventure showers offer a shower experience with different colors, sounds and water intensities. Opened in April 2011, Plaza V Hotel also has a summer terrace and free parking spaces.

Continental Hotel: Theater Square; no.: 5-6, (starting from EUR 32.00).

Hotel Continental in Târgu Mureș has an excellent location, being located in the city center, next to the most important administrative institutions, banks and local companies. This attractive property is the ideal base for a relaxing break or an active experience.

The impressive exterior houses an assortment of spacious interiors; Delicious food in the bright restaurant, cocktails in the stylish bar and seating on the beautiful terrace. Enjoy the comfortable ambiance of the tastefully decorated, fully equipped room and appreciate the privacy and tranquility. Pamper yourself and enjoy easy access to the many attractions in the entertainment and shopping areas.

Hotel Ciao: str. Gheorghe Doja; nr.: 143, (starting EUR 26.00).

Just 10 km away from Târgu Mureș International Airport and 2 km away from the city center, Ciao Hotel offers comfortably furnished rooms with free Wi-Fi and air conditioning. Ciao Restaurant serves traditional Romanian and international cuisine. It is structured on 2 floors and has a capacity of up to 350 people.

Hotel President: Gheorghe Doja Street; no .: 231, (starting from EUR 55.00).

Located on the E60 road, only 7 km from Transylvania International Airport, this hotel is the ideal choice if you are looking for European accommodation standards at reasonable prices.

The President Hotel is structured on 3 levels through the complete reconstruction of an old leather factory. The luxury spa completes the relaxing offer, with fitness and aerobics rooms, a massage parlor, herbal baths and aromatherapy programs, a solarium, a hairdresser and a beauty salon. Each room is harmoniously furnished and equipped with individually controlled air conditioning.

Business Hotel Conference Center & Spa: B-dul 1 Decembrie 1918; no.: 250, (Starting from EUR 43.00).

Business Hotel Conference Center & Spa in Târgu Mureș is a modern building recently built, with the only restaurant in Romania located on the E60 road.

It can accommodate groups of over 100 people in double rooms and apartments, all designed specifically for business purposes, with state-of-the-art facilities and a classic interior.

Hotel Business offers a banquet hall, a business and convention center, as well as a wellness center. There is a classic restaurant serving Transylvanian, Hungarian and Italian cuisine, as well as a fast-food restaurant on the E60 road. The classic restaurant is open from 08:00 until 23:00, and the fast food restaurant from 10:00 until 02:00.

The nearest to the airport is Hotel President, which is just 7 km away from Transylvania Airport.

From my point of view the best hotel is Plazza V Hotel, because it is the most luxurious, it is new and you will benefit from a warm welcome.

The city center hotel is PlazzaV Hotel. You can find it very easily and everyone can give you information about its location.

Accommodation prices for students are quite high, but an affordable hotel is Hotel Ciao (starting from EUR 26.00), followed by Hotel Continental (starting from EUR 32.00).



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